Mindfulness World

Organisation background:

Mindfulness World are committed to serving low income, BAME, LGBTQAI+ national and international communities who self-refer or are referred to us who want access to talking therapies. We specialises in :-

  • Evidence based counselling

  • Free or low cost counselling

  • Pre-counselling treatment

  • Brief strategic counselling

  • Short or long term counselling

  • Secular mental health counselling

  • Crisis counselling, emergency: psychological first aid counselling

  • General supportive counselling

  • Post general and follow up supportive counselling

  • Mindfulness based counselling

  • Talk based interventions for

    • Teenagers

    • Young adults

    • Adults

    • Couples

    • Family counselling

  • Mentoring

  • Coaching

  • Psychoeducation

  • English language support for talk therapies and workshops.

What we do

Before and since Covid-19 we did all of our self-referral and referral counselling work remotely. With digital technology there are no boundaries and you can be referred to us through

  • Self-referral

  • Referral from another organisation

from anywhere in the world. Our main concern is there are many free or low cost counselling services available in the UK but very little free services available to low income people from around the world and that is where we would like to make a difference.

Online digital 1-2-1 talk therapy

We offer secure end to encrypted online digital clinical evidence based non invasive interventions:

  • We can offer treatments in specialised interventions:

      • CPTSD

      • PTSD

      • Past Trauma

      • Trauma

      • Bereavement

  • Workshops and courses in

    • Unconscious bias

    • Emotional Intelligence

    • Mindfulness based interventions for:

      • Wellbeing

      • Mental health

What we need:


  • Administrators

  • Project Managers

  • Book-Keeper

  • Accountant

  • Volunteer Trainee or Qualified Counsellors who can speak

    • English

    • European languages

    • International languages

  • Counselling Supervisors

  • Volunteer English Language Support Teachers

  • Volunteer Fundraisers

  • Volunteer IT Tech Support

Tele: +44 20 3893 2295 for a quick chat about anything you want to know whether it is a self-referral or donating or volunteering, we are here to listen.